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CMAS7X7PGBFixed random crashes when working in a mail file or other databases.
YYSN7S2BQZFixed a problem where zombie processes were left behind for Notes DynConfig on the Macintosh platform.
EHLE7XP8Z3Fixed a problem where some Korean names were displayed with garbage text in the business card. Also, the business card was not displayed when using...
TBOD858MGNPrevent crash that may occur when client opens a collection locally.
YDAI7UD5XGPrior to this fix, the Dock Icon appeared to be bouncing.
RMAN7RKKCGFixed the issues that users cannot drag & drop to folders in Notes Basic client in Windows Vista or Windows 7.
MPGY82BNXTFixed an intermittent Notes Client crash when trying to change the location
PALT829JE2Fixed an issue that Notes Standard does not work as designed when NotesUIWorkSpace, EditProfile was updated in Postopen even of DB...
CSMH7GFPV7Fixed not reading a $defaultView in custom application. With Notes 8.5.2 client, the default View in customer's application works as...
SLAE7X3L55If the Sametime version embedded in Notes 8.5.1 or 8.5.2 on Mac is upgraded to Sametime Unified Telephony, Notes may fail to startup after crashing. ...
BHUY7WEJCCPrior to this fix, an intermittant crash could occur when accessing a specific replica.
ABRR7XEG3EFixes wrong cursor movement when typing English characters in a Right To Left (RTL) text paragraph.
ABRR82CP6LFixes distorted phone number display In RTL paragraph of Notes client editors.
ELMN5WCJGDFixed case where we encounter a carriage returns in the subject of a document.
KKIL7V8HBKImproves an 8.5.1 fix to a Linux-only problem with a local discussion database in which you could not open the View or Application from open list...
KKIL7X4MRHWhen users with very large history folders upgraded to Notes 8.5.1, it took approx 20 seconds to do their first "type to find" from the open list....
MCHZ82ZQ4AA problem for when editing a follow up flag which lead to the From field to be cleared has been fixed.


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